Buyers guide

A home is the largest investment most Canadians make in their lifetime. When you decide to purchase a new home, the reputation of the builder is one of the many items you’ll want to consider. Buying from a builder with a solid reputation for providing quality and excellent service brings you peace of mind. Throughout the process of becoming a new home owner, Developpement Le Diamant Inc. (DDI)  will provide you with support and advice so that you are satisfied and happy that you chose us as your builder. Here is a summary of the steps which are taken that reflect the full experience of buying “new” with Developpement Le Diamant.
How can you find out about a builder?

Ask people who have purchased from the company previously about their new condo and their buying experience. Take a drive through completed neighbourhoods by that builder and look at the architecture and streetscapes. Tour model homes whenever possible for a first-hand look at design, quality and craftsmanship. Visit the builder’s website and read about the company’s history, accomplishments, awards, etc. Most new home builders in the Greater Montreal and Laval area are also members of either the Association of Constructors of Quebec – ACQ -or the APCHQ . For a more comprehensive look at builders, check with Garantie Qualité Habitation Web site WWW.QUALITEHABITATION.COM

What is the relationship between the Notary and Mortgage Lender?

Developement Le Diamant is in contact with the Notary who will preside over the sale of your new home. The notary will be contacting you if he or she requires further info from your mortgage lender. You must contact your mortgage creditor several weeks before the date you intend to take possession of the new condo in Vaudreuil. You or your mortgage lender will have to provide the notary with certain information required for the preparation of the deed of sale.

How do I know I’m getting what I wanted?

A few days before the date you intend to take possession of your new home, the sales representative for Developpement Le Diamant will contact you in order to make an appointment for the final inspection of your new home. The inspection form is then registered with the ACQ new home warranty program. In addition, you will have the opportunity to inspect the hydro electric meter reading and discuss any other concerns with our project manager directly.

When should I apply for a loan?

Our sales representative gives you a copy of the contract duly accepted by Developpement Le Diamant and with this accepted copy of the Offer to Purchase, you can then proceed to secure financing through your own mortgage lender or through the lender prescribed to you by Developpement Le Diamant.

What is the process of financing my new home?

After applying for a mortgage and receiving a confirmation of the acceptance, you then submit a copy of your confirmation of the mortgage approval to our sales representative. At this time you will also receive a certificate of advanced payment which guarantees the current deposit with the new home warranty program provided by the Association of Constructors of Quebec ACQ.

Will I be able to customize the overall style and design of my home?

Developement Le Diamant gives the opportunity for you to customize the look of your home by allowing you to choose from a variety of colors and styles for flooring, kitchen cabinetry, finishing hardware, doors, moldings, etc… Our sales representative will contact you to help you with the goal of personalizing your new condo in Vaudreuil. In some cases, Developpement Le Diamant will allow you to visit our suppliers directly to see a vast selection of available choices. This service is totally free of charge.

When do I get to move in?

At our notary’s office, you will sign the deed of loan and deed of sale and will be given a copy of the certificate of location, declaration of co-ownership (only if you purchased a condominium), certificate of completion of your home, and the keys to your new condo in Vaudreuil.

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